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(Nautica paddleboards are made with a Triple-Layer PVC Construction which is a puncture resistant material.  Most boards on the market are single layered.  Please see the bottom of this listing to learn the difference and why this board is a top quality inflatable at an incredible price!)

Color-Shift Paddle Board Design:

The Color-Shift paddleboard features a cleaver color scheme that creates the illusion of two distinct boards.  Despite being the same model, this eye-catching design plays with perception!

1. Front Rail (Blue): The front section of the board showcases a vibrant blue hue.  As you glide across the water, it catches the sunlight and reflects off the water, creating a striking visual effect!


2. Back Rail (Red): Towards the rear, the color transitions to a bold red.  This unexpected shift in color gives the impression of a completely different board, adding an element of uniqueness!


Get ready to embark on aquatic adventures with the Nautica Adventure Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Crafted from high-quality puncture-resistant PVC, this top-rated paddle board seamlessly combines durability and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this board is designed to elevate your water experience.


  • Length: 10’6"

  • Width: 33"

  • Thickness: 5.6"

  • Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

  • Comes With A 6 Month Manufacturers Warranty

Key Features:

  • Triple-Layer Stiffness: The Nautica Adventure features triple-layer stringers and side rails, providing the stability and feel of a traditional hard board.

  • Versatile Design: Suitable for all skill levels, from novices to experts.

Complete Package: Everything you need is included:

    • Aluminum Floating Paddle: Lightweight and efficient for smooth strokes.

    • Coil Leash: Added safety to keep you connected to your board.

    • High-Pressure Dual-Action Hand Pump: Inflate your board quickly and easily.

    • Carry Bag: Convenient transport and storage.

    • Waterproof Wallet: Safeguard your essentials.

Versatility Meets Performance: Whether you’re gliding across serene lakes or catching waves in the ocean, the Nautica Adventure has your back. It’s the perfect companion for paddling enthusiasts seeking both versatility and high performance.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a premium inflatable paddle board! 🌟🏄‍♀️

**Certified Pre-Owned - All paddleboards have been air checked for 24 hours and repackaged with all accessories included. They may be open-box returns, demos, or gently used, and may show signs of light wear and tear. While we cannot guarantee the aesthetic condition of the accessories you receive, we assure they are free from performance and function defects.


Triple-Layer PVC Construction:

  1. What Is It?

    • Triple-layer construction involves three distinct layers of material used in the board’s design.

    • These layers work together to create a sturdy and durable inflatable paddle board.

  2. Layer Breakdown:

    • Inner Layer: The innermost layer directly contacts the drop stitch core (the heart of the board). It provides structural integrity.

    • Middle Layer: This layer reinforces the board, adding strength and PUNCTURE RESISTANCE.

    • Outer Layer: The outermost layer consists of a durable PVC coating. It protects against abrasions, UV exposure, and wear.

  3. Advantages:

    • Rigidity: Triple-layer boards are stiffer, performing more like hardboards on the water.

    • Durability: They resist punctures and wear effectively.

    • Cost-Effectiveness: While offering excellent performance, they remain reasonably priced when compared to a solid hard board.

  4. Considerations:

    • Weight: Triple-layer boards may be slightly heavier due to the additional layers.

    • Stability: The higher volume and rigidity contribute to stability.

    • Ideal Use: Great for various water conditions, including flat water and light waves.

Single-Layer PVC Construction:

  1. What Is It?

    • Single-layer construction involves a simpler design with only one layer of PVC coating over the drop stitch core.

    • These boards are generally lighter but have specific trade-offs.

  2. Characteristics:

    • Lightweight: Single-layer boards are easy to carry but can’t hold as much pressure.

    • Stability: They offer stability, although not as much as triple-layer boards.

    • Performance: Suitable for calm water and recreational paddling.

    • Thickness: Single-layer boards tend to be thinner.

  3. Considerations:

    • Pressure Limit: Due to the single layer, they can’t handle extremely high PSI.

    • Durability: May be less durable than triple-layer boards.

    • Affordability: Generally more budget-friendly.

How Are They Constructed?

  • Triple-Layer: The three layers (inner, middle, and outer) are bonded together during manufacturing. The drop stitch core is enveloped by these layers, resulting in a robust board.

  • Single-Layer: It’s a simpler process with just one layer of PVC coating applied over the drop stitch core.

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